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Hey MilSpouse!

I am so excited you are here!

A few years ago when I started my virtual PR agency, I felt lost and lonely. And I knew I couldn't be alone. I was looking for places on Facebook to connect with those that were like minded, ask questions, get support and guidance on how to do this whole entrepreneur thing. And I found them.... but they did not understand the uniqueness of my situation.

Being a military spouse comes with its own challenges. I noticed on all these other private entrepreneur Facebook groups fellow peers were collaborating and referring each other for work and projects. I thought "WOW, that's amazing"... what if there was a space for military spouse entrepreneurs to do the same thing?

So, I created the Facebook group called The MilSpouse Creative for fellow Military Spouse Entrepreneurs who felt the same way to connect with each other. Since January 2015 we are now 1450+ milspouse entrepreneurs connecting, collaborating and cultivating from all around the globe!!

We are military spouses who believe in building a business of our dreams, while supporting our families and military members.


Want to join the tribe of military spouse entrepreneurs?

We are a global virtual networking community for military spouse Entrepreneurs to 

connect + collaborate + cultivate! 

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Join our thriving community of 1.5k + MilSpouse Entrepreneurs!!

Just like YOU who want to create or grow their biz.

Daily Prompts + Support + Ambassadors + MilSpouse Influencer Interviews .

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We would love to share your value and expertise with our community!

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