Pitch.Promote.Get Visible!

PR Genius Moni Jefferson offers content creators a straight forward plan to increase visibility, expand audience and confidently pitch profitable brand collaborations!


In this course, I will be sharing my secret sauce with you on many aspects of PR. The course will go into detail and walk you step by step on the following:

-Why visibility matters
-Metrics that Matter
-Build Your Media Kit (and a template to get you started)
-A strategic bio & your unique perspective
-What is pitching?
-Craft your 4 step pitch
-Dos & Don'ts of pitching your project
-5 things to include in an email pitch
-Identifying brand contacts
-When working for free is worth it
-Email templates for your pitch, follow up and relationship development
-Building a Speaker's Portfolio
-Invite your audience along

Course Foundational Modules


Module 1

Social Media Strategic bio’s. By creating and understanding why showing up and communication who you are is invaluable in creating strategic opportunities to build your brand for online visibility.

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Module 2

Whether you are collaborating, reaching out to brands or looking for media exposure, a media kit offers your contacts a quick look at you and your business.

Let's run through how to set up a media kit that invites opportunity and showcases the best of what you are doing right now!


Module 3

How do you know if your strategy is working? Where should you focus your content & marketing time? Is paid advertising a smart addition to your PR strategy?

The answers to all of these questions are already right there - in your business analytics. From page views to open rates, metrics tell us what's working, what's not and what we could do differently.


Module 4

Let's get down to business! We're breaking down pitching and giving you the tools you need to get started!


Module 5

Now, let's put it all together and HIT SEND!!

Pitch Like a PRO is like having a personal Public Relations coach right beside me. Moni helped me breakdown the metrics and the pitch strategy I needed to get started pitching. The media kit template gives you no excuses to get started. By the end of the course, I felt confident about sending out my pitch.
— Betsy Ramirez, MEd, RDN @BetsyRamirezRD
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