Access PR Pro

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Are you ready to have a PR Professional when you need one without spending $1500-$2500 a month for a retainer?


Tired of downloading every opt-in guide and resource to help you develop and send the perfect pitch only to be left disappointed with no response and rejection emails saying you're not newsworthy or a good fit?

Tired of feeling stuck and not landing those brand sponsorships that can bring you more visibility and media placement because you don’t know you have an amazing brand.

You know you have a message that needs to reach the masses but don’t really know how to turn your story into “PR Worthy Pitch.”


Oh my gosh now, imagine how it would feel when pitched and you’ve finally landed a sponsorship agreement! Picture this, you are collaborating with brands that are a good fit for and getting you in front of the ideal audience.

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What if you had a PR Professional in your corner, guiding you thru the plan of pitching, implementing strategies, reviewing press releases?


Imagine what you are gunna feel like when you have drafted that pitch or social media content for the next month and you have a professional able to review, suggest and guide you in the right direction before you even send it out.

You would feel more and more confident!

You won’t be worrying if this is what to send or how to implement it, you will no longer feel uncertain.

So, you are ready to have access to a  PR Professional, but you have questions about Access PR!

Great! I am excited to answer them.

What You Need To Know


Here’s what you need to know:

  • You enroll for 3 months your membership starts March 12th- June 15th!
  • This is for everyone. Whether you are just getting started, growing or scaling your biz!

I know hiring a PR Pro can seem overwhelming and expensive for the 1st time if you have never worked with one and can’t afford it. But if you don’t have one it can be easy to make some big mistakes, get off off track and never land those sponsorships, collabs or partnerships you have always wanted.

Without a PR Professional to bounce ideas off, get guidance and recommendations it can be difficult to make any progress and just have a list of those you want to partner with just sitting in a spreadsheet.

That is why I created ACCESS PR Pro! Access PR Pro is a 3 month membership that allows you to access to a pr professional when you need one from month to month without those huge retainer fees to submit your pitches, media kit, press release, social media content every month for guidance, feedback, review, and on going support.



"Moni Jefferson's expertise, training, and advice gave me the confidence and skills needed to approach a business with a pitch. This resulted in landing my first sponsored post. Moni has both industry experience and a knowledge base that can help her clients achieve their goals and more.  I highly recommend Moni Jefferson PR for your business and branding needs."

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The goal here is to have a publicist readily available when YOU need one without paying those high monthly retainers.



Office Hours

Get access to a publicist during office hours Monday 1-2 pm est to ask anything you want in the exclusive suppurative facebook group. Get those PR questions answered.


Live PR Training

Join me once a month for live PR training on a different topic per month.



Send in up to 2 items via email for review each month. Review + suggestions of current projects, create new angles and talk it out!



You’ll be supported by a peer community inside a private forum / group.




1:1 Strategy call with a publicist to answer questions, help you create new angles and share resources.

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"Moni is such a major asset to my business. When we first started working together, right away she helped me secure a partnership opportunity with Dubsado.This relationship with Dubsado has been incredible and is coming together well. Moni is creative, responsive, and committed to helping you accomplish your goals. I love working with Moni and highly recommend her."

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Join the waiting List! 


Be the first to know when we relaunch later this year! 

Here are the Deets about the membership! 

-Monthly Membership Access

-15 minute 1:1 strategy call per month

-Submit 2 items via email per month

(Review Media Kit, Press Release, Media Pitching, Social Media Content)

-Office hours access 1x a week for Q+A per month

-Exclusive FB Members Lounge

-1 PR LIVE training session per month

-Plus BONUSES Galore




The Time is NOW!


Everyone is busy and that is perfectly fine because if you miss something during the week you can watch the recorded training and Q+A so you don’t miss a beat! And you schedule a time that works for you for our 1:1 sessions. You work on the training on you own time, as business owners I completely understand that flexibility is key.

Listen, if you have always wanted a PR Professional but felt like your biz doesn't need one, is too small or couldn't afford it; There has never been a better time to start having ACCESS on when you need one. THE TIME IS NOW! Enroll….seating is limited!


Seriously, do you want to be in the same place you were 3 months from now?

Or would you rather feel like you are crushin it and starting NOW allows you to

  • Gaining Brand visibility and get your product or service in front of your target audience.

  • Get placement + feature in media via podcasts, blogs, print, and interviews.

  • Leverage Sponsorships + paid opportunities.

  • Collaborate +  Partner with large brands who are a good fit for you.

Now remember

Doors for Access PR open March 5th  and Close Mar 9th.


Ultimately my friend you are NEWSWORTHY!

You deserve to implement PR in your biz no matter where you are in your biz! Which is why joining ACCESS PR will allow you to propel your biz in a direction you have been wanting!

Joining ACCESS PR means you call the shots and you can afford it, and you know you have a message that needs to reach the masses.

Once you select which plan you want to go with and check out you will get an email with detailed information on joining the Facebook group, link to schedule our 1:1, training topic, times, and dates, office hours dates and times and so much more!!


Hi! I'm Moni. I'm a Public Relations Strategist for small biz and solopreneurs.

I collaborate with clients to help scale their brand while reaching their key publics + streamlining their vision to generate results. I have had the honor of working with nonprofits, small biz, and corporate clients at every stage of biz.