MilSpouse Creative Insider’s



Are you ready to go Deeper and have a more intimate connection for those that want to implement deeper community and build their business?

MC Insider’s is a membership community for the MilSpouse Creative + Entrepreneur looking to take their business to the next level.

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Are you:

Tired, Exhausted, Confused, Lonely? Don’t know where to start or how to leverage your business?

Being a MilSpouse Entrepreneur is not easy, trust me, I KNOW!

You want to build a career of your dreams no-matter where you are stationed, during TDY’s and deployments, the circumstances do not define you, it’s the action you take on implementing + investing in your business, THAT DO!

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Hey you!! YAAASSS i'm so pumped your here!

A few years ago when I started my virtual PR agency, I felt lost and lonely. And I knew I couldn't be alone. I was looking for places on Facebook to connect with those that were like minded, ask questions, get support and guidance on how to do this whole entrepreneur thing. And I found them.... but they did not understand the uniqueness of my situation.

Being a military spouse comes with its own challenges. I noticed on all these other private entrepreneur Facebook groups fellow peers were collaborating and referring each other for work and projects. I thought "WOW, that's amazing"... what if there was a space for military spouse entrepreneurs to do the same thing?

So, I created the Facebook group called The MilSpouse Creative for fellow Military Spouse Entrepreneurs who felt the same way to connect with each other. Since January 2016 we are now 1450+ milspouse entrepreneurs connecting, collaborating and cultivating from all around the globe!!

And now I want to take it deeper. Connect with spouses who are not playing around with their business, who don’t see their skills and talents as a “side hustle” who understand the value of their expertise and know their worth!

The MC Insider’s is bringing together MilSpouse Creatives + Entrepreneurs who are game changes, BIG thinkers, go getters, and who believe in building a career of their dreams, while supporting their families and military members.

See you there, INSIDER!

XO, Moni


Less content. More accountability.
Less consuming. More implementing.
Less stalling. More action

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Co-working Space

The goal here is to have a publicist readily available when YOU need one without paying those high monthly retainers.



Office Hours

Get access to a publicist during office hours Monday 1-2 pm est to ask anything you want in the exclusive suppurative facebook group. Get those PR questions answered.



Monthly Live training with guest experts.



Send in up to 2 items via email for review each month. Review + suggestions of current projects, create new angles and talk it out!



You’ll be supported by a peer community inside a private forum / group.




1:1 Strategy call with a publicist to answer questions, help you create new angles and share resources.

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"Moni is such a major asset to my business. When we first started working together, right away she helped me secure a partnership opportunity with Dubsado.This relationship with Dubsado has been incredible and is coming together well. Moni is creative, responsive, and committed to helping you accomplish your goals. I love working with Moni and highly recommend her."

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