Top 4 PR Trends of 2018

Top 4 PR Trends of 2018!

Top 4 PR Trends of 2018!

2018 is in full force and if you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent all of January putting plans into action to make sure you have a successful business year!  A huge part of planning for your business is planning a strategy for public relations and marketing to make sure your business gets heard about… and heard by the right audience!  

Public Relations can be an ominous task for entrepreneurs to tackle, but lucky for you we’ve done the research and are here to share it with you!  

Here are the TOP FOUR PR TRENDS OF 2018 that you will definitely want to take advantage of!


If you want to get your product or service recognition then you will have to collaborate with an influencer or blogger in that field to reach a wider audience.  Bloggers and influencers already have a relevance and trust built in their platform.  It is beneficial for both you and the blogger to collaborate because you get recognition for your brand, and they (and their audience) get your perspective on the industry that you are a part of!


Content marketing is quickly becoming more important than ever.  Become known as the expert in your field by creating unique content related to your expertise.  The more you talk about it and the more buzz it creates, the more people will trust your brand as the “go-to” business in that field.  Focus on creating content that grabs the attention of followers, but also gives pertinent information on your business, industry, products, or services.


Now more than ever, larger brands are allowing entrepreneurs to contribute as “experts” on their platforms.  And why shouldn’t they?! As entrepreneurs, you have learned the hardest lessons in the industry all on your own… and overcome them to be successful.  You may have even come up with new ideas or innovative methods that you can contribute to your industry.  Don’t be afraid to step up and collaborate with larger brands to get your name and your business heard about.


Public Relations, influencers, and bloggers are becoming increasingly intertwined in today’s social media age.  It’s vital to have a more fused marketing strategy by using all three together.  By intertwining the three into your marketing plan, you are able to create a seamless marketing plan that proves credibility to followers and gains more recognition for your brand.

And there you have it my friends. So, start implementing some of these into your over all PR Plan and start landing some brand visibility and collabs.

-Moni Jefferson

moni jefferson