What is PR?

What is PR?

What is PR?

The backbone of every client relationship is a strategic plan to maintain what the client is wanting to achieve. Creating a strategic comprehensive plan is vital because it sets expectations + defines results. 

Public relations is comprised of 3 key elements; objectives, strategies + tactics. Three simple words but understanding the difference between them can be valuable. Below is a breakdown of what each element actually means.


These are tangible + are usually achieved within 1 year, 2 at the most. This step usually implements the acronym SMART; is it specific, measurable, achievable, realistic + time-oriented?

Most PR plans include 2 objectives

  1. The company's overall business objectives 
  2.  The communicatin objectives that will help achieve them. 

It's important to define both to implement. 

For example, an author’s objective is to increase ROI based on the sale of the new book, one of its communication objectives may be to promote the authors profile to potential buyers. 


Strategies s the general approach used to achieve the objectives. The PR plan usually includes 3-8 strategies, depending on the objectives. Strategies should be actionable + explain how the objectives will be accomplished and why you are taking the approach. 

Going back to the author example, strategies for the author's engagement on social media could include:

  1. Pursue more opportunities to promote and sell the books at event, fairs, books signings.
  2. Contribute article that establishes the author as an industry leader. 


These are the activities that you or the team will implement to carry out the individual strategies. These are the most detailed steps day-to-day that will move the client forward to reach its overall objective, which was the first step. Each tactic answers the questions, what is the next step will need to take to achieve the strategy?

Using the author above, the tactics that support placing contributed articles include identifying an article topic, interviewing the subject matter expert, outlining and drafting the article, pitching it to targeted news outlets, securing publication of the piece, and making sure it is showcased on the company website.

Overall Strategic planning is the critical initial step towards success in all areas of your business. It is very important because you can not measure ROI sold based on traditional metrics. PR planing ensures that there is a clear understanding of what your trying to achieve, how you are implementing it, and how you’re going to measure the success. 

The key is to make sure to understand the difference between objectives + strategies + tactics before diving into the next plan. 
moni jefferson